Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sensex touches life high of 21,034 on reform of FIIs and stronger rupee


    The Sensex rising to an all time record on Wednesday marking a stock market turn around, makes the headline in most papers this morning "Sensex touches life high of 21,034 on reform of FIIs and stronger rupee" writes the Economic Times.
    Sensex at all time closing high, but euphoria's missing" writes the times of India.
    The other major story reported by most papers is the uniting of secular parties to project themselves as a national alternative post the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Pioneer has a front page story with photograph of prominent members in the conclave "Third front broth has UPA flavour writes mail today adding that the leader of 17 parties attended the left sponsored anti communalism convention.
    "14 parties come together, new front on the cards? " asks the Hindustan Times on its front page.
    Photographs of tearful relatives and the burning bus that caught five in Andhra Pradesh. in which 45 passenger were  burnt alive, finds prominent coverage in most papers this morning.
    "SC unsafe and lawless in Delhi" writes mail today adding that the supreme court expressed serious concern over the spurt in crimes against women in the national capital.
    Tech savvy children are using mobile phones, tablets and computers before they  can talk, reveals a U.K study in London. According to the Times of India, the study shows that 70% of the children know how to use gadgets before starting primary school.
    And finally, In a one of its kind of rescue operations, a  marsh crocodile confiscated by the Delhi wildlife department at the Delhi Railway station was finally rehabilitated after it was released into its natural habitat at the National chambal sanctuary.

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