Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rahul power: Cabinet withdraws ordinance, bill on lawmakers

Rahul power: Cabinet withdraws ordinance, bill on lawmakers

Almost all papers have reported Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's assertion that there was "No question' of his resignation over the outburst by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi denouncing the ordinance passed by the Union Cabinet. The Asian Age reports it under the headline "PM will meet Rahul, Sonia and Prez today".

The papers have also widely covered the political deadlock over 'Obama care' which is forcing US shut down. The Tribune says for that first time in 17 years, the Republicans and the Democrats have failed to strike a deal on spending and budget mainly due to Obama's flagship health-care programme.

According to the Business Line, "DoT panel rejects TRAI proposals on spectrum pricing", a panel set up by the Department of Telecom has rejected the telecom regulator's proposal to reduce the reserve price for spectrum auction by 60 per cent.

According to the Hindustan Times, the number of world hungry has dropped to one in 8 people making the United Nations Millennium development Goal of reducing hunger to half in 2015, possible, despite continued problems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia reports the United Nations food agency - Food and Agricultural Organisation.

In a first step towards providing quota to Locals in Delhi University, the state government has recommended reservation of 90 per cent seats for Delhi students in 12 colleges funded completely by it.

According to the Economic Times, getting better is getting cheaper. The new drug price policy, the first after 18 years, will reduce average middle class household spend on medicines by over 20 per cent and for some crucial medicines, savings could be as much as 50 per cent or more. The policy is expected to fully come into effect over the next 6 months.

And finally, According to the Times of India, scottish experts claim that restrictions around the waist, like wearing a belt which is too tight, especially if someone is overweight , can allow stomach acid to move up into the gullet which can cause damage and increase the risk of developing throat cancer. So, go ahead and loosen that belt.

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