Monday, October 7, 2013

Telangana LIVE: Chandrababu Naidu denied permission to fast at Andhra Bhavan

Telangana LIVE: Chandrababu Naidu denied permission to fast at Andhra Bhavan


The ongoing crisis in Andhra Pradesh over proposed bifurcation of the State is the lead story in most papers of the day. 'Seemandhra on the boil', writes the Statesman. Hindustan Times's headline reads, 'Shoot at sight order, blackout as Telangana anger spreads'.
Fresh rape cases being filed against Asaram and his son Narayan Sai figure on the front pages of many dailies.
"Is it all over between Bharti and Walmart?", quizzes the Business Standard referring to Walmart's Asia Head's comments that plans with Bharti are not tenable.
Many papers have published pictures of an IAF microlight aircraft which made an emergency landing at an empty ground in Shastri Park in Delhi.
22 juveniles going on rampage and fleeing after setting their home on fire in Delhi is reported widely by the press.
U.S forces capturing a top Al Qaida leader in Libya makes front page news. The Tribune reports that Anas al Libi, who was behind the bombings of U.S Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, was captured from Tripoli.
'No cooling off, retired babus can be netas', writes Hindustan Times on its front page. Retired officers can now go ahead and contest elections, says the paper.
Vrindavan widows back in City of Joy to inaugurate auspicious  puja", under that headline the Hindu reports that 50-odd elderly women, who were either abandoned by their families or had fled their inhospitable homes in Kolkata, where taken aboard a flight, to inaugurate Puja pandals in the city courtesy an NGO.
Are you fasting this Navratri? Well, you needn't just stick to the boring kuttu pooris and aaloo now. Delhi Times reports that many restaurants in the city are offering not just kuttu nachos and pizza, but even dimsums, pasta and crepes.
Mail Today writes that students of IIT Delhi have set out to light up the lives of the poor this Diwali, literally. They have installed in a city slum water-filled bottle bulbs through which light from outside refracts and lights up the dark rooms.

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