Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IM wanted to trigger stampede at Modi rally


Mail Today's front-page headline today reads, "Nawaz sharif Belittles own army". When the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met in New York last month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Mr Nawaz Sharif told Dr. Manmohan Singh that he has less faith in Pakistan Army than India, adds the paper.
According to the ASIAN AGE "IM wanted to trigger stampede at Modi rally". The paper adds that the intelligence agencies and the state police have found important clues about the involvement of Indian Mujahideen in Sunday's serial blasts.
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has said that elements in the new US legislation on immigration would undermine the competitiveness of Indian IT businesses, reports the Pioneer and goes on to say that some measures in the Immigration Reform Bill passed by the US senate were discriminatory.
Sugar factories in Satara district of Maharashtra and tennis' most popular event, the Wimbledon, now have a unique "green" link. CNG produced from the sugar factories waste will be used by plants manufacturing tennis nets for Wimbledon, reports Hindustan Times.
Spain on Monday joined a growing group of US allies outraged by NSA's snooping telephone calls of 60.5 million Spanish citizens telephone calls in a single month writes the Statesman.
According to the Times of India there's a slight breather from the usually terrible air pollution scenario in Delhi. Even though we might be emitting as many or more pollutants this year, pollution levels in the next few days are likely to be lower than those in 2012, thanks to the prevailing wind pattern.
The Indian Economy despite the current slowdown remains an attractive destination for global capital. India remains the second fastest growing economy in the world behind China. And so foreign investors still find India more attractive compared to other economies, writes Hindustan Times.
And finally, South Korea's car industry has reportedly come up with a solution to the never ending problem of car parking, with a micro-electric car that folds in half and parks itself by a remote control smartphone app writes the Times of India.

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