Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Schoolboy struck by javelin dies


The flood situation in the wake of cyclone Phailin has been reported, with pictures, by all dailies today. The Pioneer and Asian Age call it a "Flood of misery". "Lives saved but not means of livelihoods" reports the Indian Express.
"Skyrocketing costs of onion and other vegetables.... spurred the biggest surge in prices across the country" says The Hindustan Times in its top story. The Hindu and other newspapers say "Higher food prices push inflation to 7 month high".
The detaining of the US ship Seaman Guard Ohio by the Coast Guard for suspicious movement in Indian Waters finds mention on the front pages of  most dailies. "Foreign vessel crew booked under Arms Act" report The Hindu, Asian Age and The Pioneer.
The Indian Express in its lead story reports "China set to give Pak 2 more nuclear reactors, India protests" adding at the China is well on track to firm up sale of these to Pakistan raising serious concern in India." In a related story the paper reports "The Union home ministry is working on a proposal to create Lok Sabha seats in Pak-occupied Kashmir..... a potentially controversial move to assert India's right on the territory."
"Monkey Business?" 25 lakh rupees is what the forest department spends every month to feed the monkeys in Asola Sanctuary." reports The Hindustan Times in a front page, investigative story that highlights the clear violation of store purchase rules.
Almost all newspapers carry news of the death of the schoolboy in a freak accident. "Schoolboy struck by javelin dies" after battling for life for 14 days reports The Statesman, The Hindustan Times and The Pioneer.
And finally "Scientists have discovered six new planetary candidates with super fast orbits-- as short as four hours-- and nearly skimming the stellar surface at incredible speeds" reports The Times of India.  It's getting very crowded out there, isn't it?

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