Thursday, October 10, 2013

GoM is to meet in Delhi on Friday to go into the critical issues of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh

Sachin Tendulkar says he will retire after 200th Test. Full text of his letter to BCCI


Even as the crippling electricity storage stretches to a fifth day in Andhra Pradesh, non corporation from the striking power staff, is noticed by the Press. "Congress tells Reddy to clamp ESMA to restore normalcy" writes the Tribune - while the Asian Age reports that a GoM is to meet in Delhi on Friday to go into the critical issues of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

"Cheer - as trade deficit falls to a 30-month low" - is the lead headline in the Hindu. In some encouraging news for the beleaguered Rupee, India's trade deficit (the difference between imports and exports of goods and commodities), fell to a two- and-a-half-year low of 6.76 billion dollars in September.

Rahul Gandhi's prediction - made at a public rally in Rampur - is top headline news in the Indian Express. "Rahul puts old guard on notice: next government of the poor and young". He said, a 'yuvaon ki sarkar' will transform India.

"Meet the woman who'll decide the world's fortunes", writes the Times of India - speaking of Janet Yellen whom US President Barack Obama is most likely to name  Chair of the US Federal Reserve, the second most powerful job in the US after his, and the most powerful position in the global financial system.

"Pakistan temple to celebrate Durga Puja" - is a headline in Hindustan Times. Pakistan's first 'community organised' Durga Puja, at a 150 year old temple on Jinnah Road in Karachi, will be written in Urdu, since Hindus in Pakistan are not proficient in Sanskrit nor Hindi.

The Supreme Court has ruled that guns cannot be used to celebrate marriage and other functions and should be carried with a sense of responsibility, writes the Tribune on its front page.

And finally, The Times of India informs us that around a hundred lion cubs have been sighted in-and-around the Gir Sanctuary over the last few days - elating forest officials, who see this as a 'stamp of approval' on their conservation efforts.

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