Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Delhi says 99% of proof is available in the neighbouring country itself


India's rejection of Pakistan's claims that it needs more evidence from India to proceed in the case against those accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case is highlighted in all the papers. The Hindu sums up India's position in its headline "New Delhi says 99% of proof is available in the neighbouring country itself"
The stopping of firing at the international border between India and Pakistan is prominently noticed. "Lull after 10 day shelling" reports the Tribune. The Hindustan Times writes "India, Pakistan cool off, border battle stops as restraint kicks in".
BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's comments on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in his rallies are widely reported. Highlighting Mr Modi's response to Mr Gandhi's earlier statements about how he had lost his grandmother and father to terrorism, the Indian Express writes "Modi targets Rahul again: spinning family serials". The Congress' displeasure at the repeated references to Mr Gandhi as 'shehzade' by Mr Modi are also prominently noticed. "Congress warns Modi on shezade barb" observes the Times of India.
Most papers report that the Election Commission's guidelines on how political parties use the social media during elections have come under the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice. "Parliamentary panel questions EC's jurisdiction on web content" states the Hindustan Times.
The Indian Express cites the latest figures released by the National Sample Survey Organisation NSSO to report "Unemployment falls across major towns and cities". The Times of India cites the same survey to write "Patna tops cities in unemployment".
In a sure sign that "the times are changing'',the Hindustan Times informs us that psychiatrists across the country contend that "Facebook, Twitter and TV anchors are replacing black magic and visions of God as the new fear factor for schizophrenics".

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