Tuesday, June 25, 2013

US certain Snowden is in Russia, Moscow feigns ignorance


Flood and lanslide ravaged Uttarakhand continues to dominate the front pages of most papers. "As epidemic threat looms, seers clear mass cremation at Kedarnath" writes the Times of India in its banner headline. In the backdrop of speculation about whether the construction of dams contributed to this devastation, the Indian Express reports the Chairman of the Central Water Commission as saying "Dams controlled floods". The Mail Today highlights the fact that the apex disaster management body, the NDMA, "did not meet between 2008 and 2012".

The daring militant attack on an army convoy in Srinagar yesterday on the eve of the Prime Minister's visit to the state is prominently noticed .

The Mail Today carries a report on the proposed National Land Reform Policy which it says the government proposes to unveil soon. The paper says that according to this policy, every rural landless household will be provided 0.1 acre of homestead land. The Indian Express highlights the draft National Water Framework Bill which says that every individual has a right to a minimum of 25 litres of potable water every day.

The Indian Express in a special front page story reports that China has accepted New Delhi's condition that the proposed Border Defence Cooperation Agreement will not amount to freezing current troop levels on the frontier.

There is great speculation in the press regarding the whereabouts of American whistleblower Edward Snowden. "US certain Snowden is in Russia, Moscow feigns ignorance" reports the Hindu. That it could snowball into a diplomatic incident is highlighted by the Hindustan Times as it writes "Kerry warns Russia, China over Snowden issue".

And finally, in a special front page story, the Indian Express writes that Indian and Bangladesh are planning to start retreat ceremonies at four places on their frontier much like the one that takes place at the Wagah border between India and Pakistan. The ceremony however will be devoid of foot stomping or aggressive posturing.

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