Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thousands May Die in India Floods

Thousands May Die in India Floods


The Race Against Time to rescue survivors in Uttarakhand - by multiple Central and State agencies, is prominently written about on the front pages. Hindustan Times top headline reads "Deaths touch 1,000 - killer rain may return in 48 hours". Times of India, quoting officials reports that the threat of epidemic and possible rain will make the task of ferrying the 22,000 persons who still remain out of reach - more daunting.

The Tribune carries a telling picture on its front page of a young jawan propping up a frail old woman in the shrubbery and feeding her water from a plastic bottle.

John Kerry's whirlwind, multi-nation tour - is also noticed by the Press. Hindustan Times writes that he comes to New Delhi to 'realize the full potential of India'.

The Times of India, writing about the ailing Nelson Mandela says that South Africa first black President has been unresponsive for days and that his family may end treatment.

"Lethal Tribal Jungle Unit joins war on Naxals", reports Hindustan Times. India is raising an unnamed jungle commando outfit of young tribal men in Bastar to counter Maoist guerillas, as 'Locals know their habitat best'. The 6 month gruelling course is perhaps the worlds longest training module in jungle warfare.

The Indian Express writes that over 300 young J&K students, with a majority being girls from the Kashmir valley, have stepped out from the comfort of their homes to, literally, sweat it out in the coaching hub of Kota, determined to become Doctors.

The Statesman writes that with the first spell of monsoon and the rise in the Yamuna level, health experts have warned of a threat of vector borne diseases such as Dengue and Maleria in Delhi, since the AEDES mosquitoes breeds in clean water.

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