Friday, June 7, 2013

Modi gets thumbs up as BJP goes into huddle

Modi gets thumbs up as BJP goes into huddle


Indian Premier League Cricket remains front page news, with Raj Kundra, co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, admitting to betting on his team's performance. "You bet its' a Royal mess" writes Times of India.

"Nine States to jointly fight Maoist menace" is the top headline in the Statesman. Chief Ministers of the nine Maoist affected states have agreed on a Unified National Policy to fight Left-wing extremism at a meeting with the Home Minister.

"Rupee touches 57 a dollar, Finance Minister steps in to calm nerves" - writes Business Standard. HT- Business reports, "The India Rupee on Thursday touched a one year low of 57 against the US dollar". The RBI said it will take all steps to check the slide, though experts have signaled more worries ahead.

Quoting Pakistani official the Asian Age writes that Pakistan's new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed his diplomats to progressively pursue normalcy in relations, while actively seeking solutions for all outstanding issues, including Kashmir.

Myanmar Opposition leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Sun Kye yesterday declared her intention to run for president "World Economic Forum on East Asia", in 2015, reports Hindustan Times.

The US has exempted India and eight other nations from sanctions, noting that they had significantly reduced their imports of crude oil from Iran - informs the Tribune.

A revival of the humble transistor, which was once popular for bringing news and music, is again on the cards. Business Line of the Hindu reports that with FM stations soon to hit smaller towns, battery major 'Eveready' is soon to bring out transistor sets for Rupees 500, mainly for rural and semi-urban markets.

And finally, Times of India writes that a single 20 minute session of Yoga can significantly improve brain function, the ability to maintain focus and to take in and use new information - according to a University of Illinois study.

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