Saturday, June 8, 2013

NaMonia hits BJP meet, senior leaders report sick


The front pages of most newspapers this morning are splashed with the story of the conspicuous absence of L K Advani and many other senior BJP leaders from the office bearers' meet before the National Executive Committee Meeting of the party. The Times of India headline reads, "BJP set to name Modi as 2014 campaign leader, LK sulks" while under "NaMonia hits BJP meet, senior leaders report sick", Hindustan Times reports that Advani's absence seems to have cast a shadow on the crucial meeting, and Modi's elevation as the central campaign coordinator for the 2014 general elections is no longer a given.

Another story that is making the headlines is of the IPL spot fixing scandal. The Pioneer reports that the Delhi Police is trying to uncover the money trail to build up a case against Raj Kundra as he was actively involved in betting during the IPL matches.

The Asian Age says the rupee closed below the key 57-mark against the US dollar for the first time in a year casting a shadow on the economy as imports become costlier.

The Indian Express reports that an Israeli pedophile has legally adopted a 4-year-old Indian girl through an agreement with a surrogate mother adding that the Israeli government is seriously looking into the matter and will act to rectify the situation.

The Statesman writes that the Allahabad high court has stayed the UP government's order to withdraw cases against people accused of indulging in terror activities.

The Pioneer says that the US government has admitted to secretly collecting information on people overseas for nearly six years by tapping directly into the central servers of nine Internet giants as part of the national security push to deal with terror threats.

Four apartments on two-storeys, built in just 30 days. Will the building stand? The Hindu Business Line reports it will, built as it is using glass fibre reinforced gypsum panel technology developed by IIT Madras, saying this can provide good quality, rapid, sustainable and affordable mass housing in a short time.

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