Saturday, June 15, 2013

There will be 8.1 billion people on the planet by 2025


Almost all newspapers have covered the daring attack on a Patna-bound train, by armed maoists, that killed 3 people including an RPF jawan. Asian Age covers it under the headline "Maoist girls looted Patna train".
The paper have also reported that the Congress-led UPA has constituted a three-member committee to hold consultation with the opposition and evolve a consensus on convening a special session of Parliament for the passage of the ambitions National Food Security Bill. The Tribune headlines it as "Govt. defers food Bill ordinance".
The contours of a vague non-Congress, non-BJP political formation appears to be taking shape with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar acknowledging that his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee's talk of a 'Federal Front" was not devoid of merit, writes the Times of India on its front page.
According to Mail Today, Finance Minister literally pleaded with gold-crazy Indians to stop buying the precious metal as its steady import continues to widen the country's current account deficit and weaken the rupee.
A report in the Indian Express states that the power-starved Pakistan has indicated its willingness to hook up a portion of Lahore with the Indian side, enabling the capital of Punjab province to draw electricity from the Indian grid.
Mail Today writes that the capital now has a University only for women. Indira Gandhi Women Institute of Technology in Central Delhi has now been upgraded as a State University by the Delhi Government.
According to the Hindustan Times, in 2028, just 15 years away, India is expected to become the world's most populous country, when it will cross China's population of 1.45 billion according to a United Nation's report on "World Population Prospects" released in New York yesterday. It says, there will be 8.1 billion people on the planet by 2025, with China's population expected to decrease from 2030.

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