Friday, May 25, 2012

Jagan: After arrest, what? By K. Ramachandra Murthy


::The Hans India::: "So, the die is cast. YS Jaganmohan Reddy is most likely to be arrested this week. The law and order machinery is gearing up to face any eventuality. The question on top of everybody’s mind is not whether the Kadapa MP would be arrested, but when and how the arrest would take place. Is it going to be on the 25th or the 28th as expected earlier? We have no information about the apprehensions of the police warranting such measures as Section 144 in the twin cities."
It is, therefore, for the Congress high command to review the situation. If putting Jagan behind bars is an option, it should have been exercised long ago. Jagan’s arrest has no surprise element today. People are waiting for it to happen and Jagan’s adversaries have given him enough time to organize himself. Trying to get Sakhsi newspaper and channel closed before taking Jagan into custody would create more problems and the national media would get polarized. No one is prepared to buy the theory that the Congress high command is very particular about curbing corruption. 

It would not hesitate to allow its ministers like Venkataramana to be sent to jail to make out a case that Jagan is being treated like a criminal because of allegations of corruption and not for political reasons. These are extremely critical moments where a single wrong decision would cause irreparable damage. The powers that be have been cautioned. It is for them to decide.

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