Friday, May 18, 2012

Govt. plays humour less cyber cop


Actor and Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shahrukh khan's ugly spat after an IPL match has been widely reported as the lead Headline on the front pages of most dailies today." IPL's hottest fight SRK vs MCA" exclaims the Times of India. "True lies", reports the Mail today over the incident while the Hindustan Times adds "Defiant Shahrukh  wants apology, says was provoked".
In another twist leading up to the Presidential poll , the Pioneer reports "Sangma  Prez bid gathers steam" while the Indian Express adds "Naveen and Amma throw Sangama hat in ring, NCP stays away."
Many dailies have also reported on the right of a woman in her husband's immovable assets, in case of a divorce in a new bill. "Wife's position made stronger" observes the Statesman.
The Times of India reports that Internet Service Providers have blocked top torrent file sharing web sites on High Court orders, it also adds that online hackers blanked out web sites of the Supreme Court and the Congress on Thursday to protest Internet Censorship. While the Mail Today notes in an article "Govt. plays humour less cyber cop".
Road rage continues to beleaguer Delhi roads, and many dailies like the Hindustan Times have reported how three judges became victims of road rage, in South Delhi's Dakshinpuri area yesterday when they were attack with bricks and stones by four men on motorcycles. 
In a significant lead story The Hindu reports that slain terrorist Mohammed Merah who was shot dead in France had planned to attack the Indian Embassy in Paris, which was the target given by the Taliban which prepared him for Jihad according to the French Newspapers Le-Monde.
The Death of Disco Queeen Donna Summer with hits like 'Last Dance', 'I Feel Love' and 'Love to love you', at the age of 63 has been reported by many newspapers. 
And Finally, The Times of India reports that a Chinese restaurant in Britain is offering an - all - you - can - eat buffet, but fines customers 20 pounds if they leave food on their plates as "wastage". 

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