Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gold smuggling cases on the rise at Hyderabad airport | Business Standard News

Gold smuggling cases on the rise at Hyderabad airport | Business Standard News


The aftermath of the Nepal quake continues to dominate newspapers with several stories of miraculous survival.

The Times of India reports of an Indian Army expedition to the Everest turning into a rescue mission, saying the 30-man team survived the quake and will now be the last to come down. Another story is of an Indian team saving a woman after an amazing 33 hours under the rubble of a building.

The paper also reports, humanitarian help in Nepal, Iraq, Libya and Yemen gives Delhi 'White Knight' reputation.

The Hindu reports Nepal's Ambassdor to India appreciating the "unbelievable support and assistance" from India and saying, the assurance of help from the Indian Government has been like a "blank cheque".

The Pioneer and Tribune report, a portion of India slid about one foot to 10 feet northward and Nepal in a matter of seconds during the devastating quake on Saturday.

The Indian Express reports, 120 cases were filed in courts across the country till the 31st of March this year against those named in the HSBC black money list.

The paper also mentions the World Bank pegging India's growth rate at 7.5 percent in 2015-16. In a related story, the Economic Times writes the World Bank expects India's economic growth to climb 8 percent in 2017-18.

The Indian Express states the Finance Ministry plans to encourage mobile payments to curb cash use and also incentivise banks to promote transactions through credit and debit cards.

And finally, "after Golden Quadrilateral, here's Mother of all roads", says the Economic Times, reporting the Modi government plans to build a road from Gujarat to Mizoram and link it to coastal states from Maharastra to Bengal, with the name Bharat Mala.

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