Thursday, April 23, 2015

Farmers suicide issue rocks Parliament; PM open to suggestions

 Farmers suicide issue rocks Parliament; PM open to suggestions

    The farmer hanging himself at Aam Aadmi Party rally is the front story in most newspapers.
    "Horror of farm suicide visits Delhi- Rajasthan farmer ends life at AAP rally is the Hindu headline.
    The Hindustan Times reports, about the running of a powerful Sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh. The lucrative trade worth 30 lakh rupees per day had also led to policeman Dharmendra Chauhan's death who had tried to stop a sand laden truck, earlier this month.
    The Asian Age reports that according to a UN study US and China top the list of countries dumping - e waste and only 6.5 of the 41.8 million tonnes gets recycled. The discarded materials including Gold, Silver, Iron and Copper are over worth 52 billion dollars.
    From now on, the wages of Tihar jail convicts would be transferred to their Jan Dhan Yojana bank account. Even the products made by them would be sold through e-commerce reports the Pioneer.
    The Hindu reports that India ranks second among nations after the US, that were targeted for cyber crimes through social media in 2014.
    The Financial Express reports that the Indian passport has been ranked second out of the 50 most powerful travel documents in the world according to a Sweden Survey.
    The Pioneer carries a beautiful picture of devotees carrying idol of goddess AMMAN on the occassion of Chithirai festival at Thandu Marianmman temple in Coimbatore yesterday.,
    Here's some good news for all those who worried about children getting addicted to Junk Food. The Economic Times reports that Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds have reported an 11 per cent dip in sales growth.

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