Monday, April 6, 2015

Remembering Narasimha Rao - Livemint

Remembering Narasimha Rao - Livemint


The conclusion of the two day national executive meeting of the BJP in Bengaluru dominates the front pages. "Message from BJP meet : Poor the focus of govt's reforms" reports the Indian Express. Most papers also note senior leader L K Advani's silence at the meet with the Times of India reporting "LK breaks 35 year tradition, skips national executive speech; PM and Shah reach out to him".

Supreme Court Judge Kurian Joseph's refusal to attend a dinner for top judges hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday as it clashed with the Easter holidays is prominently noticed on the front pages. "Respect sacred days of all religions: SC judge to PM".

The discovery of the body of renowned Indian mountaineer Malli Mastan Babu in Chile after he was reported missing on an expedition in the Andes mountains is widely noticed. Quoting from a facebook page set up by his friends and well wishers, the Pioneer observes "Mountain retains its favourite child".

The fight against naxalism in Odisha has been seriously hampered by the absence of a bridge that has been on the drawing board for 59 years reports the Indian Express. The paper writes that this bridge would connect 22 villages which are completely cut off from the rest of the country and a fertile recruitment ground for the Maoists.

In a special story, the Hindu, cites a survey on  the status of disabled persons in higher education by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People to report a "Fall in enrolment of differently-abled students in higher education." And in some more worrying news on education, the Hindustan Times observes "Coaching for IIT entrance test now begins in Class 6".

A 135 year old legacy has quietly come to an end reports the Pioneer in its caption "E-money transfers ring death knell of Money Order".

And finally, the Hindustan Times highlights the success of a rural radio station in the Mewat district of Haryana which is helping bring progress in the area with its 11 beat correspondents tracking agriculture, crime, development and women's health.

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