Thursday, April 2, 2015

Giriraj Singh's 'racist' remarks against Sonia Gandhi trigger outrage; Congress seeks removal | Zee News

Giriraj Singh's 'racist' remarks against Sonia Gandhi trigger outrage; Congress seeks removal | Zee News


The story of the Gujarat government passing a controversial anti terror law finds top mention in most newspapers today. "President returned it thrice, but Gujarat passes MCOCA like bill" screams the Times of India adding "with Modi as Prime Minister, State feels assent likely." "Gujarat passes POTA like law" writes Hindustan Times. The subhead reads 'law rejected by Kalam and then Patil has overly stringent provisions".

Newspapers today report of Supreme Court sending notices to Advani, Joshi over dropping of Babri Charges. "Supreme Court issues notice to Advani, Joshi, Uma in Babri case" leads the Tribune, adding that 'court asks 19 accused discharged by High Court to file reply within four weeks.'

Commenting on the new investment pattern, the Economic Times writes Gates to open for Employees Provident Fund Organisation, EPFO funds to flood Dalal Street". The paper adds "Government to soon mandate pension fund body to invest 5% of incremental corpus in ETF'S."

Writing on the controversial comments of a BJP MP Dilip Gandhi on tobacco consumption, the Asian Age writes "BJP MP sets off row over Tobacco warnings". The paper also writes that "J.P.Nadda puts on hold increase in pictorial warning size pending review." "Government backtracks on pictorial warnings" states the Hindu.

The Times of India quote the HRD panel set up to review the working of the University Grants Commission (UGC) as saying "UGC has failed, scrap it."

The Times of India reports of a heart rending story of a young girl getting a pace maker, 20 minutes after her birth, She in the process becomes the world's smallest baby to receive a permanent heart pacemaker.

A video showing the brutal beating of a Sikh man on a crowded street in Birmingham also finds mention in the papers today.

And finally, the adage 'an Apple a day keeps the doctors away' does not hold good any more. Well, the Times of India writes that according to a new research which found that daily apple eaters had just as many doctor visits as those who did not regularly eat the fruit.

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