Monday, April 9, 2012

Life term could mean divorce too


Pakistan President Zardari's India visit dominates newspaper headlines today. Hindustan Times writes, 'Terror tops PM - Zardari lunch menu'; 'Pak Prez bats for cricket'; 'Bilawal, Rahul bond at Meet'. The Asian Age reports, 'PM - Zardari talks constructive'; 'Rahul accepts Bilawal invite to Pak'. Papers also highlight Zardari's 5 crore rupee donations to the Ajmer Shrine.

The Maoist hostage situation in Odisha is also covered prominently. The Tribune reports, 'Maoists want 30 men freed in exchange for MLA'. The Pioneer says, 'Maoists play hardball, suspense continues'.

The Times of India reports of another hostage crisis, with the families of 17 Indians, among a crew on 22 on a Nigeria - bound oil tanker, being told that the ship was captured by Somali Pirates, more than a month ago.

The Run-up to the MCD polls in Delhi is another story in the papers today. The Pioneer headline reads, 'Candidates hard sell themselves, to connect. The paper adds that 'BJP promises virtual tax-free regime'.

The Statesman reports that the potential job losses in the Indian telecom sector could be enormous, in the wake of the 2G license cancellations, as many of the affected entities have started trimming their work force.

The Indian Express writes that in response to a call by the Air India management, employees have come up with 545 ideas to help the airline, a few of which have already been implemented.

'Life term could mean divorce too'. Under that headline, the Times of India reports the Karnataka high court's view in a case that life imprisonment could signal the end of a convict's married life too.

And finally, the Asian Age's Delhi Special puts the spotlight on the 'Tihar Idol', a talent hunt for jail inmates. The paper says that the inmates of Tihar are soon likely to get their own version of 'Indian Idol'.


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