Friday, April 20, 2012

India's High Five moment


India joining the elite group of five nations- the US, UK, Russia, France and China, with successful test firing of the 5,000 KM range Agni-V missile, is justifiably the top story on the front pages. 'Missile Muscle' - headlines the Indian Express. 'India's High Five moment', writes Hindustan Times. The Mail Today has a reportage that, however, says - we have some years to go before the missile can obtain full operational capability.

"India cool to Kayani's call on Siachen" highlights the Times of India - as a break through is seen as 'elusive' unless Islamabad agrees to authenticate the ground level position on the glacier. 
The Asian Age reports that the Law Commission has sought 'special focus' on cases involving influential public persons, to avoid long delays in investigation and for trials to be held without hindrance or hurdle. 

The Finance Ministry has agreed to amend the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) to allow FDI from Pakistan into India, reports the Indian Express. Citing security concerns, FEMA currently bars investment from Pakistan, the only country to be singled out.

Business Line of the Hindu informs us that even though IPL-5 ratings may be down and out, SET Max, the official broadcaster, has decided to up advertisement rates for the final match. It will charge 12 lakh rupees for 10 seconds of airtime during the last four matches. 

Hindustan Times writes that Pakistan has made fresh offer of buying or taking on lease about 100 locomotives from India to restart its defunct train services. The offer was made by Pakistan President Zardari during his April 8 visit.

AND FINALLY, The Asian Age tells us that the Delhi Police have arrested a smart-alec 20-year old boy, for allegedly staging his own abduction, to extort 2 lakh rupees from his own father.

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