Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Malaysian Prime Minister singing 'Kolaveri Di'


Bangaru Laxman held guilty of taking bribe figures on the front pages of most newspapers. "BJP ex-chief convicted in graft case" is the Tribune headline. "Tehelka filmed him taking money in sting operation in 2001", writes the Hindu. The Indian Express has a picture of him being taken to jail yesterday. 
The President giving up her Pune retirement home is covered by almost every paper. "Media stung prez gives up defence land" is how the Pioneer puts it. "Pained prez gives up Pune home plan" is the Hindustan Times headline. 
The Statesman and the Mail Today have a picture of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at Jamia, where he was conferred the honorary degree of doctor of letters yesterday.
The Arushi murder mystery continues to be in the news. "Surrender on April 30, Supreme Court tells Nupur Talwar" writes the Hindustan Times.
"MP Sachin makes a forgettable debut" is the caption of his photo on the front page of the Times of India, as he was dismissed for just 7 runs in yesterday's match.
"High Court orders N.D. Tiwari to undergo DNA test" says the Hindu. "Tiwari DNA a must, force him if needed - Court" is the headline in the Pioneer. 
ICICI recording a 31% jump in earnings is the lead in the business dailies.
"Samsung ends Nokia's 14 year run as the largest phone handset maker" writes the Business Standar.
The Asian Age has a picture of the fiesty actress Zohra Sehgal, cutting the cake on her hundredth birthday yesterday.
The Malaysian Prime Minister singing 'Kolaveri Di'? Strange but true. The Statesman says that the leader confessed to being a 'Kolaveri Di' fan.

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