Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BJP strikes gold in MCD elections, Congress stunned


BJP sweeping all three corporations in the MCD polls is splashed across the front pages of most newspapers. 'BJP strikes gold in MCD elections, Congress stunned' is the Times of India headline. 'Painting the capital saffron' writes the Hindustan Times, adding that 'price rise and graft were big poll factors'. 'Reflects country's anti Congress mood' says the Hindu.

The Reserve Bank of India slashing the repo rate by 50 basis points features prominently in the business dailies. 'Subbarao stuns with giant repo rate cut' is the Economic Times headline. The Pioneer writes that this will 'reduce the Aam Admi's EMI burden'. 'Home, auto and corporate loans set to be cheaper' writes the Financial Express.

There's relief for the Maharashtra government. Most papers write that according to the Adarsh report, the land belongs to the state. 'Adarsh land doesn't belong to army' writes the Tribune. But the Mail Today calls it an 'elaborate whitewash' to pave a safe passage for a string of politicians, bureaucrats and retired army officers.

Some other news items which find place in the dailies are the Lavasa project coming under CAG fire, the US placating Indian authorities for easier security norms at airports and an imminent rise in petrol prices.

Would Mahatma Gandhi have ever thought that his distinctive steel rimmed round spectacles would fetch a fortune? Well, that's what has happened. At an auction yesterday in London, they went for a whopping 39,000 pounds. And hold your breath - even his humble charkha went for 30,000 pounds, writes the Asian Age.

Are you an avid golfer? And would like to tee off the world's highest golf course? Well, you won't have to go to Bolivia now, where the highest course is presently, but play in Leh, where a course at an altitude of 11,562 feet is coming up.

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