Friday, January 9, 2015

Paris terrorists aimed at freedom of expression, we must defend it

Paris terrorists aimed at freedom of expression, we must defend it


    Newspapers have widely reported on the front pages, the story of a terror attack on the Paris office of a satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. "Jihadis storm satirical newspaper's Paris office; kill 10 journalists, 2 cops" says The Times of India. "This is an act of exceptional barbarism", says the Pioneer quoting French President Francois Hollande. "Slaughter of satire: Deadliest attack in France in decades" writes the Hindu. "Editor Charbonnier among victims, Last cartoon 'Premonition-Like", writes The Indian Express.
    Sunanda Pushkar's death continues to occupy front page space. "Police trying to frame me, Shashi told Bassi in November", says the Times of India. "Probe focus on injection wound on Sunanda arm" captions Hindustan Times.
    Under the headline, "Economics breaks the political ice: Mamata, Jaitley talk of cooperation", the Indian Express reports that the two shared the stage at Global Bengal Business Summit, displayed mutual respect and also promised cooperation for the state's development.
    Mail Today shows a picture of PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti under the caption, "Governor's rule looms over J&K" adding that PDP seems to be outwitted by acting CM Omar Abdullah as it fails to make any headway in forming a government.
    Refusing to entertain the petition against the film "PK", the Delhi High Court has said there was no substance in the allegations made in a public interest litigation that PK had defamed and maligned the Hindu culture and Hindu religious practices, reports the Hindu.
    "Consumer won't gain from oil price dip" - The Pioneer quoting highly placed sources says benefits cannot be passed on to common man in totality as subsidy still strains the exchequer.
    And finally, researchers at the Oregon State University in the US have developed a new way to selectively insert compounds into such cells to help surgeons identify malignant tissues and then, in combination with phototherapy, kill any remaining cancer cells after a tumour is removed.

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