Monday, January 12, 2015

PM Narendra Modi promises to make India easiest place to do business

PM Narendra Modi promises to make India easiest place to do business


Modi's Abhinandan Rally in Delhi, French solidarity after the terrorist attack and new Sri Lankan president's proposed maiden foreign visit to India dominate the front page of many dailies.
"Modi launches battle for Delhi" headlines the Business Standard. While the Hindustan Times covers this story writing, "Modi kicks off BJP's poll campaign with a direct hit on Kejriwal and no grand announcements".
Highlighting France's grit against terror and the support from other European countries The Statesman reports that European leaders will make an extraordinary show of support for France by joining a mass rally in Paris, amid a wave of solidarity following a bloody end to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The Times of India says "France stays on edge, massive hunt on for gunman's girlfriend".
Underlining the increasing importance of India for its neighbour Srilanka The Hindu headlines "Sirisena to visit India first".
As the government draws out the blue print of 100 smart cities, India's first smart city at Dholera is expected to get a boost at the 7th Vibrant Gujarat Summit, reports the Indian Express.
And finally, in a good news on the tiger conservation front, The Hindustan Times writes "Roaring back: Fight to save tigers starts paying off", mentioning the 2014 data on tiger population in India  as the total number of tigers marginally increases in the country.

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