Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama creates niche among spellbound observers

Obama creates niche among spellbound observers


    The Indo-US CEO's conclave and proposed areas of collaboration, the passing away of legendary cartoonist and creator of the "common man" R K Laxman and reactions to the Republic Day celebrations yesterday are some  front page stories reported by papers today.
    "No more Laxman Rekha" writes the Times of India, in a tribute item to R K Laxman, the man who made millions smile with his delightful irreverence and wonderful balance between satire, caricature and lampooning.
    The Hindu reports that even as women officers made history by leading contingents of the 3 services at the 66th Republic Day Parade, an appeal filed by the government against giving permanent commission to them in the Army lies pending and half forgotten in the Supreme Court.
    Foreign Media reactions to President Obama's visit have been highlighted by the Hindustan Times - "Pak Media lavishes attention on visit" "UK Media hails 'royal welcome' Obama got"  writes the paper.
    "Obama gives thumbs up to BSF stuntman" is another story in the paper, referring to the President's appreciation for their Republic Day performance at the parade.
    The Asian Age writes that lauding the RBI's role in helping bring down inflation, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian has said that the Central Bank may further ease  interest rates.
    In uplifting news for Foreign Investment in India, the Hindu reports that more and more Japanese firms prefer India for future expansion than China, as the latter is becoming less attractive as an investment destination.
    "Swine flu virus shows signs of weakening" writes the Pioneer.
    And finally, The Times of India says that flexible working hours can improve employees' health and curb sleep deficiency.

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