Sunday, January 8, 2012

We won't oblige the Trinamool


Today's Hindustan Times writes that - In order to pave the way for passage of the "Lokpal" Bill in the Rajya Sabha and to make Lokpal a reality in the Budget Session - the Government is willing to remove all reference to Lokayuktas in States from the Lokpal Bill. In this case the bill will have to go back to the Lok Sabha, to be passed again.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declaring that the Congress was free to quit the Alliance in the State and that her party was capable of going it alone in future elections, is covered widely by the Press. Giving the State Congress Committee reaction, The Hindu headline reads - "We won't oblige the Trinamool." State officials said the Congress had joined the Alliance in a jointly contested election, and that it had not entered into any alliance with the CPI (M).
The Tribune writes that Malvinder Singh, younger brother of Capt. Amarinder Singh, yesterday bid farewell to the Congress and joined the Shiromani Akali Dal, after being denied the party ticket from Samana. " Amarinder's brother defects to arch - rival SAD", headlines the Sunday Times.
"BJP quickly dumps its Kushwaha baggage" - reports the Indian Express on its front page. The paper writes - battling a public relations disaster, the BJP got tainted former UP minister Babu Singh Kushwaha - offer to keep his membership on hold.
The Mail Today writes that the students verdict on Aakash - the world cheapest Computer tablet - in not really encouraging. The 2,250 rupee device in currently being worked upon - to remove impediments such as slow speed, over heating and a poor battery life.
And to wrap up Press Review, an excerpt from the Indian Express. A story is going around in Bihar that on a visit to village Dharhar in Bhagalpur, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar heard that villagers plant a fruit bearing tree to celebrate the birth of every girl child. So impressed was he that today his party's campaign states - To all those wanting to join the JD(U) or renew membership - First, plant a Tree.

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