Friday, January 6, 2012

New telecom network for government soon


The freeing on Wednesday, of two Indian traders held in forced detention in a Southern Chinese trading town, following a bitter trade dispute with local businessmen - is reported by the Hindu and several other papers. “Tortured traders out of Chinese hell hole", writes the Mail Today. The Asian Age headline reads - " Action on 5 China traders"- Indians taken to Shanghai".
The other big story this morning is of the BJP drawing fire for inducting " tainted" ex-BSP leader (and former Uttar Pradesh Family Welfare Minister), Babu Singh Kushwaha, despite his alleged involvement in the multi-crore National Rural Heath Mission scam. The Statesman writes - "Parties slam BJP over Kushwaha induction". The Hindu writes "Red faced BJP won't field BSP Minister in Uttar Pradesh polls".
"New telecom network for government soon", headlines the Hindu - The paper writes - India's vulnerability to spying activities by unfriendly nations in the Internet era has forced the government to chalk out a 450 crore rupee plan to develop and deploy a pan India secure network, for foolproof Internet communication exclusively for government use.
The Directorate General Civil Aviation, which carried out a financial audit of all domestic Airlines, has found sickness to be pretty endemic in the Indian aviation sector. The Times of India writes - DGCA's scathing report finds fault with all Airlines, and says, "Kingfisher safety an issue".
And finally: The Times of India writes that British scientists have discovered what they claim is a 'lost world' of unknown species nearly 8,000 feet deep on the sea floor, off the coast of Antarctica, kept alive by undersea volcanoes. The species found - include colonies of marine life, crabs, an octopus and starfish, totally new to science, living in the murky depths.

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