Monday, January 23, 2012

The Hindu Editorial : A national shame

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorial : A national shame: "In a speech delivered last year to a gathering of India's finest scientific minds, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invoked Nehru to point to the organic “link between humanism, tolerance, reason and progress.” “The practice of science,” he said, “is based on both the search for truth and the adventure of new ideas.” Precisely a year on, the government he presides over has betrayed those ideals. This newspaper has revealed how a ‘plot' to kill the eminent author Salman Rushdie had been invented by the Rajasthan Police in a pathetic but successful attempt to dissuade him from participating in the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival. In the face of motivated protests from a gaggle of political opportunists and religious fanatics, the State government had first sought to stop Mr. Rushdie from visiting Jaipur."

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