Sunday, January 29, 2012

Picasso a favorite with thieves


Disaster and delight down under' writes the Indian Express of our cricketer's dismal performance, and Leander Paes' win in Australia. The Mail Today puts it as ' Agony and Ecstasy' as it shows an exutling Leander and a despairing Sehwag. " Dhoni might lose test captaincy' is the Times of India headline.

On the election front- "State polls begin with 7 deaths -82% turnout in Manipur' says the Hindustan Times. The Hindu writes about the poll campaigns ending in Punjab and Uttarakhand. " Wealher holds the cards - 'Voting on Monday may be hit by cold wave' is the Pioneer headline.

The battered 2 year old baby in AIIMS still figures on the front pages. "Key link drops surrender plan, dodges police" says the Hindustan Times. 'Sudden love for battling two year old' writes the Pioneer, as it gives details of 3 claimants for the child.

An Indian woman fasting to death in a U.S. jail has been reported by most papers - ' NRI dead after hunger strike' says the Statesman, of Lyvita Gomes, who was arrested after she ignored a jury summon last year.

Are you one of those who thought that a couple of drinks everyday are good for the heart? Well, you'll have to do a rethink. The Times of India, in an item titled 'Why drinking benefits Europeans, not Indians' explains that Indians mostly consume hard liquor in comparison to Europeans having more wine.

AND FINALLY, When it comes to stealing works of art, are there any preferences? 'Picasso a favorite with thieves' writes the Mail Today adding that famed artist has 1,147 paintings registered as stolen or missing.

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