Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PM's preion for Media


The Asian Age, the Hindustan Times, the Statesman and the Tribune have
widely covered the manhandling of an Indian diplomat based in
Shanghai, prompting India to lodge strong protest with the Chinese
government. The Times of India headlines it as "Denied medicine,
Indian official in China collapses".
The Statesman on its front page affirms the Government's commitment to
a free press. It says, Prime Minister has asked the media to take
steps to check sensationalism in coverage, and focus on issues really
important for the nation. It has aptly headlined the story as "PM's
preion for Media".
The Tribune has reported "The highway Horror in Ambala" where eleven
children die as an overloaded school van collides head-on with a
truck. Apart from showing the mangled remains of the school van, it
has also shown a parent rushing an injured child to the hospital. The
Asian Age has also reported the tragedy pictorially on its front page.
The Hindustan Times on its front page writes that the west Asian gold
pot is tilting towards India. The oil rich kingdoms of Saudi Arabia,
Qatar and Kuwait - wary of the economic scenario in Europe and the
slowing growth rate in America - have conveyed their desire to invest
in Indian infrastructure projects, says the paper.
Most papers of the day have reported, along with photographs, that a
20-year old British man who calls himself "Psycho Stapleton" has been
arrested for the murder of 23 year old Indian student Anuj Bidve.
"SC notice to CBI on bail pleas of Chandolia and Behura" writes the
Pioneer. It elaborates that the Supreme Court has set out to examine
the possibility of granting bail to the two main accused.

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