Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Malnutrition a national shame, says Prime Minister


The ongoing 'Jumbo' cover up in Uttar Pradesh is noticed extensively in today's Press, with photographs of rows of CM Mayawati's elephant statues draped in yards of pink and yellow polythene. The Hindustan Times reports that one crore rupees is likely to be spent in this exercise in Lucknow alone. "Maya cover up in full swing as clock ticks" headlines the Hindustan Times.
The government 'go ahead' for 100 % FDI in Single Brand Retail is also given prominence. The Indian Express writes 'Big global brands will now be able to have full ownership of their facilities in India - even as the proposal of opening the Multi-Brand Retail sector for 51% FDI, remains in abeyance.
A report on hunger and malnutrition in 112 districts across nine states of the country has revealed that 42.3 percent children under the age of 5 years are malnourished and under weight, despite the country having achieved an impressive growth rate. The Hindustan Times writes, "Malnutrition a national shame, says Prime Minister".
"Another government Stimulus Plan: PSUs told to spend more", writes the Times of India. The paper adds - 'Amid fears of an economic slowdown, the government has finalized a public sector-led spending 'Stimulus', with 17 state-owned companies asked to step up investment beyond their projected amounts. They have also been asked to look at diversifying into related areas.
"HT-business quoting Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz - writes - "Dollar power on the wane, new Reserve System likely". He said a new global monetary order is imminent, in view of the slide in the US economy.
And finally, temperatures staying below the zero mark even during the day in Kashmir - in last two decades - are covered by the Indian Express, with bitter cold, snapping of transmission lines, scarcity of essential commodities and frozen taps being the order of the day. On Delhi, the paper writes "Expect a cold wave to sweep over the city this week, with cold winds adding to the chill factor.

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