Sunday, January 1, 2012

Facebook flirting triggers divorces


A crackling start to the New Year is the caption of a picture in The Times of India, showing fireworks in Australia. The Hindu shows revellers in Delhi. 'New year spirits remain high on milk in Jaipur', writes the Pioneer. Dissuading people from alcohol, the paper says that nine booths opened across the city offering free milk with jalebis.

'Manmohan's new year pledge-honest and more efficient rule - spells out a new five point policy agenda', is highlighted by the Hindu.

A cartoon in the Asian Age shows a minister telling someone. 'Sorry, I have resolved not to take bribes in the new year, go and meet my secretary or son.'!

'High voltage polls to make 2012 electrifying', writes the Times of India, adding that UP, president elections promise to be hard fought'.

The Metro man E Sreedharan who hung up his boots yesterday features prominently in many dailies. In an item titled 'Super achiever', in the Hindustan Times, the paper says 'metro man says bye after 14 years in capital'.

And still on achievers, 'Nobel Winner Dr. Venki receives knighthood' writes the Asian Age, of Indian born American scientist Venkatraman Ramakrishnan who won the Nobel in 2009 in Chemistry.

'Anna Hazare hospitalised' says the Hindu, adding that the doctors have advised him not to fast anymore. The Indian Express writes that the core team meet is now postponed.

The death of Rani Jethmalani, Supreme Court lawyer and daughter of Ram Jethmalani has been noticed by the Indian Express.

'Petrol may get dearer', says the Tribune, but the Hindu writes that the 'Government puts off the hike till next week.'

'Fog wreaks havoc, 200 flights delayed', writes The Times of India, saying that the new runways were the worst affected.

And finally, are you hooked on to the facebook? Well, beware! 'Facebook flirting triggers divorces' writes the Time of India and adds that 1 in 3 divorces can be attributed to the social networking site.

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