Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today, a fourth of the 81.45 crore Indians eligible to vote, have access to Internet


Most newspapers carry as lead headline the killing of 14 persons including poll personnel in the strike by Maoists in Bastar.
The Lok Sabha elections in world's largest democracy India has led to a 30 member delegation from 19 countries including Africa, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Ethiopia to visit the country to observe poll related arrangements on such a mammoth scale. This is poll tourism, reports the Statesmen.
Today, a fourth of the 81.45 crore Indians eligible to vote, have access to Internet. So it is no surprise that there are many apps for the voters - "India Vote" app tells you about candidates in your area / "India Election EC votes" helps locate the nearest booth and "voting line" app helps you gauge election trends at any given time. This makes for a front page story in the Financial Express. But Mail Today and the Business standard warn of a "Heart bleed bug" which might affect millions of smart phones.
"Subway to phase out yoga - mat chemical says an Asian Age report. The Subway chain has got bad publicity due to this chemical AZODI CARBONAMIDE being used as dough conditioner. It is also used as a bleaching agent and though approved by FDA, a professor has called it carcinogenic and Macdonald's and Statrbucks also use it.
A SRI AGASTYESWARA temple in Kadapa constructed in 11/12th century AD once had SAGE AASTYA living there many years ago. Unfortunately its GALI GOPURAM collapsed recently due to lack of maintenance reports the Hindu.
It is Baisakhi today An article in the Tribune titled. "29 men in minus 30 Degree Celsius on a Baisakhi day" talks about the logjam of Siachen that neither India nor Pakistan can afford.
About a hundred under - graduate students of AIIMS New Delhi took a solemn oath to donate organs at their Organ Retrieval Banking Organization Unit. Organ donation has seen poor growth despite there being 1 lakh brain deaths in India every year reports, the Hindu.
And Finally, any guess as to who the richest Indians in UK are ? It is the Hinduja brothers with a total worth of 13.5 billion pounds. They are followed by the steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal with a wealth of 12 billion pounds.

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