Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Telangana polls: Big shots face off this election

Telangana polls: Big shots face off this election


Most newspapers this morning cover the political battles being waged just before the elections.

The Statesman, Tribune, Asian Age and other papers have headlined the release of the book by the ex-coal secretary entitled" Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and other truths". According to the Hindustan Times, the former secretary alleges in his book that false complaints would be filed against CEOs and bureaucrats if they did not oblige politicians. The Hindu writes "PM could have averted coal scam: PC Parakh".

Chennai has emerged as the center of doubtful transactions during an investigation by the enforcement directorate into suspected illegal expenditure by candidates and their associates during the elections. The Hindu further adds that the Election Commission has seized over 200 crore rupees of unaccounted money across the country.

Twitter is riding high on the election hysteria to expand its network in India, with politicians and their followers taking to the micro - blogging site to engage in an all out verbal spar. Though the national elections are not even halfway through, election related tweets have crossed 20 million, writes the Times of India.

Before Delhi is accorded the tag of a World Heritage City, UNESCO will be sending a team of archaeological experts, to examine its heritage sites, writes the Hindu in a front page story.

And finally, in a ground breaking research trial, researchers in the United Kingdom will test artificial blood made from human cells in patients for the first time. The Times of India and Hindu have reported this story.

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