Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fingers Crossed as Poll Campaign Ends in Telangana - The New Indian Express

Fingers Crossed as Poll Campaign Ends in Telangana - The New Indian Express


Most newspapers this morning report the election spats turning uglier, as the final rounds of campaigning come to an end. "Parties trade vicious personal attacks" writes the Business Standard". Congress turns Vitriolic, Congress, BJP sharpen barbs ahead of phase-7 writes the Hindu."In final lap the gloves come off", writes the Indian Express.

The European Union has temporarily banned the import of Alphonso mangoes and four fruits and vegetables from India. This comes after 207 consignments of fruits and vegetables from India were found to be contaminated by pests such as fruit flies and other quarantine pests. The Hindu, Financial Express, Business Standard and other papers have reported this story. "EU bans floods India with mangoes, prices plunge", writes the Times of India.

A study covering over 10,000 children in five metropolitan cities suggests that a child's waist circumference can help predict metabolic diseases. The metabolic syndrome can result in hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardio- vascular diseases. The study says that with a 70th waist circumference percentile in children puts them at risk for these diseases. The Indian Express and other papers have covered this story.

The Hindu reports that Ramesh Aggarwal single handedly took on corporate giants in his quest for justice in the Gare village of Chhattisgarh. For a decade he waged a one man Campaign to educate illiterate villagers about their rights in fighting pollution and land grabbing, and finally was one of the six recipients of the Goldman Environmental prize or the Green Nobel of 175 thousand dollars.

And finally, a South California mite has set a new record as the worlds fastest land animal which can run 20 times faster than a Cheetah. This exciting discovery that sets a new world record writes the Asian Age. "Cheetah out mite is the fastest land animal", writes the Times of India quoting a Washington D.C. study.

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