Monday, April 28, 2014

Tech honcho in Andhra poll fray for Telangana cause

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Tech honcho in Andhra poll fray for Telangana cause


"BJP's Vadra video heats up battle", is the Hindustan Times headline saying that the BJP had released a video and booklet on Robert Vadra's alleged fraudulent land deals prompting Priyanka Gandhi to say "a bunch of lies" would not silence her.

The Pioneer reports of the bullet ruling the roost in Banda Lok Sabha constituency in UP. Several gangs have unleashed terror in 40 villages insisting on people voting for the cycle - the Samajwadi Party symbol.

A report in the Asian Age quotes an Assocham study pointing to a less than normal monsoon, which is likely to affect pulse production. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - which produce 80 per cent of pulses will be under the EL Nino effect - and this will increase the prices of pulses.

Believe it or not, Kurukshetra based Jiya can draw the exact sketch of whatever she sees, has the calendars of last 300 years on finger tips, can talk about chemical reactions and the periodic table. What is amazing is that Jiya Phutela is only 9 years old, reports the Tribune.

The Pioneer also reports of a wrong piece of information on the Konark temple given in a CBSE class V Hindi text book.

It is not just about human trafficking  or Rhino horns or tiger skins or elephant tusks. Now India's marine bio-diversity is being robbed of sea horses and sea cucumbers. Despite legal protection they are being smuggled to Thailand and China where they are in great demand in cuisine and in Chinese medicine - reports the Pioneer.

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