Friday, April 18, 2014

'It's rocking,' says BJP about alliance with Chandrababu Naidu |

'It's rocking,' says BJP about alliance with Chandrababu Naidu |


High turnout witnessed in 121 constituencies which went to the polls across 12 states in 5th phase of Lok Sabha elections finds lead in most papers. The Tribune headlines it "Voter surge continues".

Almost two months after the resignation of Admiral D.K. Joshi, the government has appointed Admiral Robin Dhowan as the Chief of the Naval Staff. Most newspapers have carried this story on their front page along with photograph of Admiral Dhowan.

The Business Standard on its front page writes that the Supreme Court has held that the Comptroller and Auditor General could audit the account books of private telecom companies, which share their revenue with the government for using spectrum.

Ahead of NATO troops down sizing their presence in Afghanistan, India has firmed up a far reaching deal with Russia to supply arms to the troubled country under which New Delhi will pay for the military equipment that will be sourced from Moscow reports the Indian Express.

An Iranian mother spared the life of her son's convicted murderer with an emotional slap in the face as he awaited execution with the noose around his neck. The story has been reported in the Hindu along with the photograph of the mother crying after sparing the murderer's life.

Waves in our brain make smells stick to our memories and inner maps, scientists have discovered. The signals from our nose translate and connect to memories in an orchestrated symphony of signals in our head writes the Times of India.

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