Saturday, April 5, 2014

Afghans Vote in Strong Numbers Despite Dangers -

Afghans Vote in Strong Numbers Despite Dangers -


"BJP may face EC flak on manifesto telecast", headlines the Asian Age. Confusion continues over release of the BJP Manifesto on April 7, with the EC indicating that broadcast or telecast of the function could be an issue, since at the time of release, voting will be in progress in some parts of the country.

The Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid - Syed Ahmed Bukhari, announcing his support to the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the Rashtriya Janta Dal is covered by the Hindu. The Shahi Imam termed communalism a bigger threat than corruption.

Times of India, quoting BJP veteran LK Advani, writes "BJP to top 300 seats".  He said, Modi can rescue India from poverty, illiteracy and corruption.

The Economic Times reports that Big Retailers in the country are caught in an uneasy situation, with the BJP expected to promise to scrap foreign investment in multi-brand retail in its election manifesto.

The main story in the Hindu is of the three repeat offenders in the Mumbai Shakti Mills rape case - getting the death penalty, as they showed no remorse for the crime they had committed. The presiding judge termed it a 'rarest of rare cases'.

"Afghanistan Poll Today, India Watches Closely". The Afghan election promises to be as much a game changer as the Indian election, writes the Times of India. Former Northern Alliance leader and foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is clearly expected to be the front runner in the race for President.

Jubilant pictures of India's 'Men in Blue' cover the front pages, with South Africa's T-20 defeat in Bangladesh yesterday.

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