Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super typhoon Nuri suppresses build-up in Bay of Bengal | Business Line

Super typhoon Nuri suppresses build-up in Bay of Bengal | Business Line


Delhi heading for polls, Vasan quitting the congress and floating a new party, and Sachin Tendulkar's explosive revelations in his autobiography are some prominent stories in the news papers this morning. "Lt. Governor signals fresh jung for Delhi "headlines The Hindustan Times. The Mail Today states "Polls on horizon for frozen Delhi".

"Vasan deserts sinking congress; launches party" following in father's footsteps, reports the pioneer.

The Hindu carries a story " Mass Resignations in Maharashtra Navnirman Sena", after scoring a duck in the May general elections and just one seat in the recent Assembly polls.

The centre has sounded a terror alert on the rise of the Islamic state of Iraq & Syria (ISIS), warning states that a large number of Indian youth were getting radicalised via the Internet, is a report in The Asian Age.

"Ringmaster' Chappell planned coup against Dravid", The Hindustan Times quotes Sachin revealing in his autobiography.

A harassed ex judge who after resigning had leavelled sexual harassment charges against a Madhya pradesh High Court Judge has told the Supreme Court, her email account had been hacked and case data erased, is a story in the Times of India.

 The Paper also reports, 29-year old cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, the face of the controversial right to die movement, ended her life in Oregon on Sunday.

Railways, airports gear up for fog, expected to be worse this year in north India due to a partial monsoon, writes the Hindu.

The paper also quotes a study "Air pollution lowers crop yield", saying food grain production in 2010 was upto 36 per cent lower than normal.

And finally, some good news, as the government plans to rope in corporates and NGOS to control soaring vegetable prices, reveals The Asian Age.

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