Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Can Islamic State survive without Baghdadi?

Can Islamic State survive without Baghdadi?


    The expansion of council of ministers yesterday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes for front page news with interesting headlines. "Team Modi has new stars new stripes", says The Hindustan Times. The paper calls it a carefully curated salad bowl cabinet. "Sulking Sena spoils rejig ecstasy", says the Pioneer.
    "PM balances caste, merit", says The Hindu. It also reports that BJP's instant online membership system came in handy to induct former Shiv Sena member Suresh Prabhu quickly into the party, before he was sworn in.
    The Hindu reports of hundreds of eminent citizens including Amartiya sen and Economist Jagdish Bhagwati getting together to protest against death penalty as punishment.
    The Indian Express  reports of about 100 folk healers who practice traditional medicines either through NADI PARIKSHA, which could do away with CT scan and MRI's or through the language of symptoms etc. These folk healers so far being termed as quacks and often faced arrest, have now hope for some  recognition at the 7th world Ayurved Congress in Delhi bringing hope to many other traditional healers as well.

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