Friday, November 21, 2014

News 'must not stir conflicts'

News 'must not stir conflicts' 


CBI director Ranjit Sinha removed from the 2G  spectrum case by the Supreme Court for interference, Rampal sent to jail and two Manipuris found dead in South Delhi are some of the stories that receive front page coverage in the news papers today.
The CBI director removed from the 2G spectrum case find prominent place in all the papers. "CBI chief off 2G probe for 'bid to scuttle it' is the lead in The Times of India. "Keep off  2G cases, supreme court tells CBI chief" reports the Hindu adding that Ranjit Sinha 'Attempted  to save' accused.
"Rampal behind bars, far away from his luxury pad" informs the Hindustan Times while the Tribune starts " High Court cancels Rampal's bail, sends him to Jail".
The mysterious death of two Manipuris in South Delhi also finds mention by most papers. 'Manipuri man killed, another found dead' reports the Hindustan Times.
The NDA government has decided to amend the clause concerning the leader of the opposition in the CVC act of 2003 to facilitate the appointment of Lokpal CVC and CBI director. The  phrase leader of opposition will be changed to leader of the largest party in the opposition reports the Pioneer.
The Hindu reports that the supreme court has described a juvenile law that prescribes 'admonition' and 'group counselling' as punishment for even grave and heinous offences as 'far too liberal'.
 "Kotak's' ING Vysya buy to make it No- 4 private bank" headlines the Financial Express.
According to a survey as many as 4.3 crore families in rural India are homeless, with West Bengal leading the table followed by Bihar reports the Times of India.
And finally, we have buses that run on poo power or human waste. The Times of India writes that the UK's first ever bus powered by food and human waste was rolled out in London on Thursday which engineers believe could provide a sustainable way of fuelling public transport and cutting emmissions in polluted towns and cities.

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