Sunday, November 9, 2014

2015: the top threats

2015: the top threats


PM Narendra Modi's visit to Varanasi in UP has found mention on the main pages of most prominent newspapers. Hindustan Times says Mr. Modi brought cheer to eastern Uttar Pradesh’s weavers by announcing a huge financial aid to boost the textile industry, while outlining his broader vision of achieving equal development for the whole country.
Most newspapers have also reported, on their front pages, the Army's admission that killing of two J&K youths was a mistake. "Killing of 2 Kashmiri boys a mistake, admits Army, Rules violated, Inquiry to be over in 10 days", says The Times of India. The Hindu writes that the Ministry of Defence has approved a compensation package of Rs. 10 lakh each for the families of the deceased and Rs. 5 lakh each for the two injured youth.
The Indian Express says that Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has asked BJP president Amit Shah to firm up the Maharashtra power-sharing arrangement before he gives the names of his two nominees to the BJP for inclusion in the Union Council of Ministers.
Under the headline, "SC sets aside verdict directing caste census", The Hindu writes the Supreme Court has set aside two orders of the Madras High Court, directing the Centre to conduct a caste-based census, holding that it should not have interfered in the domain of policy.
Many newspapers have reported the federal counter-intelligence investigation against veteran American diplomat Robin Raphel, known for her pro-Pakistan leanings, for charges of espionage. The Indian Express captions it as "FBI searches home, seals office of Raphel, Pak's friend in US".
In a brazen violation of the child protection act, the Institution for the Blind in Delhi has seemingly hushed up the alleged sexual assault of two of its Class 3 students by a teacher last year despite a signed confession by the alleged perpetrator and reports of two school committees that indict him, writes Hindustan Times.
And finally, if you thought milk is just food, think again! The more closely scientists examine it, the more complexity they find. A study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, demonstrates a hormone present in mom's milk, cortisol, can have profound effects on how babies develop, reports The Times of India.

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