Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today is 'World Sparrow Day'


The DMK pulling out of the UPA government is the lead in most papers. While the Hindustan Times headline reads, 'DMK walks out, government on thin ice', the Hindu writes, 'DMK deserts UPA ship, but won't sink it'. 'SP, BSP vow to back UPA' says the Asian Age.

The anti rape bill getting the Lok Sabha nod figures in all dailies. 'New rape laws arrive with some teeth missing' is how the Hindustan Times puts it, and gives details of the bill.

The Cabinet approving the food security bill finds place in the Statesman and the Asian Age.

Business dailies today lead with RBI cutting interest rates by 25 basis points. Loans won't get cheaper yet', warns the Economic Times adding that bankers refuse to cut lending or deposit rates.

A special CBI court summoning Ruia and Mittal in the 2G case gets front page coverage in many papers. "Telecom tycoons in spectrum soup' writes Mail Today.

'EC can't disqualify candidate over poll accounts, paid news : Govt', is a news item in the Hindu.

The same paper also writes that China is all set to bolster ties with India and Xi has detailed a five point plan.

The Times of India reports of the attack on a Congress MLA by a drunk man. 'Sheila slams cops, says no one safe in the city', writes the paper. The Pioneer reports of another case in Delhi - '8 PCR calls fail to wake up cops, injured teen dies'. When will Delhi police be more sensitive to the needs of hapless Delhi-ites?

On to more pleasant things. Spring is in the air, with flowers everywhere. A picture in the Express news line shows this and also informs that today is the Spring Equinox, with the day and night equally long.

Want to have a long and healthy life? The Hindu business line and the Times of India tell us that a daily cup of boiled Greek coffee may be the magic potion, according to a latest study.

And finally, the good old house sparrow which is becoming rarer by the day, has been declared the state bird of Delhi. And today is 'World Sparrow Day' report a few papers.

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