Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At 12 Neha Ramu Recorded Incredible Score in Mensa IQ Test

At 12 Neha Ramu Recorded Incredible Score in Mensa IQ Test


Rahul Gandhi's interaction with Congress MPs in Parliament yesterday where he offered a glimpse into his political views, is highlighted by the Press. The Hindustan Times top headline reads, "Rahul says Party First, being PM not priority". He said his ideal is Mahatma Gandhi and he believed in 'Nishkam Karma' - work without expectation of reward.

Tuesday's arrest of former Maldivian President Mohammad Nasheed - amid continuing confrontation with President Waheed in the run up to Presidential polls later this year, is also highlighted. "Nasheed arrested without warrant", headlines the Hindu. "In a snub to India, Maldive arrests ex-President Nasheed", headlines the Times of India.

The Comptroller and Auditor General Report, tabled in Parliament yesterday, pointed out flaws in implementation of the UPA's 'Farm Loan Waiver Scheme'. "Sloppy loan waiver edges out deserving farmers", headlines the Hindu.

The Asian Age writes, "China announced a steep double digit hike in defence spending and experts claim the actual figures are far higher than those published, with China now spending nearly three times as much as India on defence.

"US honour for Nirbhaya", headlines the Times of India. First lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will honour Nirbhaya with a posthumous 'Woman of Courage Award' for her bravery in the face of a brutal assault.

And finally, Times of India informs that a 12 year old Indian girl, Neha Ramu, who migrated to the UK along with her doctor parents, has scored a score of 162 in one of the worlds toughest IQ tests, which makes her 'smarter' than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who are both estimated to have an IQ of 160.

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