Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Move over Shikaras, now relish Dal Lake on cycles


'Centre likely to grant Bihar 'Backward' status soon', reads the lead headline in the Times of India, adding that the new criteria will be unveiled in the coming months.
The Pioneer writes that with Defence Minister AK Antony confirming yesterday that corruption had indeed taken place in the 3,700 crore rupee VVIP helicopter deal with Augusta Westland, the government may have few options but to blacklist the Italian company and cancel the deal.
'Buddhist - Muslim Violence spreads in Myanmar', reports the Pioneer, adding that President Thein Sein had declared an emergency in Central Myanmar last Friday, in an effect to stem the sectarian violence.
The Mail Today, in an exclusive report writes, 'DGCA safety audit uncovers scary truths'. The paper says that major chinks in the aviation sector - like planes with screws missing, fuel seepage, a flight taking off without some essential certification and routine inspections not carried out due to lack of manpower were revealed.
In a boost to mobile governance, the Hindustan Times writes that soon, a smart phone application would allow users to access bank deals and government services on their phones.
'Move over Shikaras, now relish Dal Lake on cycles', reads a Tribune headline. The paper writes that this summer, visitors will be encouraged to explore Kashmir on eco friendly bicycles.
In a story about taking Indian Music to US classrooms, the Hindu says that when more than 1,000 school students at the middleton school district in the US perform hardcore Carnatac ragas, like Bangala and Nattai with ease, then it is a sign that Indian Classical Music has gone truly global.

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