Monday, March 25, 2013

Musharraf returns, says he wants to save Pakistan

Most Newspapers this morning have front page pictures of the jubilant Indian Team that ed cricket history, by demolishing Australia and sweeping the test series with a 4-0 victory.
The other major story covered by most papers is Former Military dictator Pervez Musharraf's return to Pakistan after 4 years in self exile. Front page photographs of Musharraf have been prominently displayed by the Financial Express, the Hindu and other papers. "Musharraf returns, says he wants to save Pakistan - writes the Tribune.
Holi came with a difference to the widows and abandoned women living in Vrindavan near Mathura, writes the Hindu. According to the papers, in a departure from tradition. hundreds of widows gathered to play holi with flower petals and gulal across the five government run shelter homes with about 800 women participating in the festivals. "Holi of hope for Vrindavan widows", writes the Times of India.
The Pioneer reports that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is offering 1 million US dollars to anyone who can come up with a Viable proposal, for a next generation condom to help reduce unwanted pregnancies and control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
And finally, early to bed and early to rise may neither make you wealthy nor wise according to a new study. The University of Madrid has found out that night owls rather than early rises, who stay up late and then sleep later in the morning, scored higher in inductive reasoning, which is a good estimate of general intelligence, and is linked to innovative thinking and more prestigious occupations with higher incomes. The Times of India and Asian Age have covered the story.

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