Thursday, March 21, 2013

Katju appeals to Maharashtra Governor to pardon Sanjay Dutt


    Most newspapers, this morning, write about the DMK's pullout from the UPA government and resignation of all 5 DMK Minister from the Cabinet. The other major story covered by most papers is the test firing of the submarine launched version of the supersonic BrahMos Cruise Missile.
    Chief Minister Shiela Dixit presenting an election friendly budget in the Delhi Assembly with no new taxes, is the lead story in most newspapers. 'Poll year brings tax free budget, sops', writes the Asian Age, Pioneer and the Hindu.
    Pakistan goes to the polls on May 11th, writes the Hindu in a front page story. According to the paper, this will be the just transition of the government through the ballot box under civilian watch in 65 years.
    The Times of India writes that projects worth over 7 lakh crore, which is equal to half the government spending in the current financial year, are held up, in the absence of environmental and forest clearances, land and fuel, putting a strain on the creaky infrastructure in the country, and becoming an obstacle for a high growth trajectory.
    The Maharashtra Assembly suspended 5 legislators for the rest of the year for attacking a traffic policeman within the Vidhan Bhawan, says the Pioneer. The Hindustan Times adds that the MLA's assaulted the inspector and now face the prospect of being arrested. The Asian Age and other papers have also covered this story.
    Swiss scientist in London have claimed to have developed a tiny under the skin implant, which can predict a heart attack in advance by several hours. Scientists hope that the device will be commercially available within four years.

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