Friday, March 22, 2013

Facebook, and Twitter to get timeout on content


The Supreme Court upholding the death Sentence of Yakub Memon and conviction of actor Sanjay Dutt in the 1993 serial bombblasts and the Political storm generated by the CBI raid at DMK leader MK Stalin house are some of the stories covered by most papers on their front pages.
"UN resolution - India votes against Sri Lanka", writes the Statesman, and adds that of the 25 countries that voted against Lanka, only India and South Korea were from Asia.
The Tribune writes that voicing his opposition to Israel's controversial settlement activities, President Barrak Obama has said that America was deeply committed to creating an Independent, Sovereign state of Palestine.
" Aircraft Purchase freed from Red Tape" says the Times of India, and reports that Indian Carriers can hence forth buy planes as per their business plans without having to seek a nod from the civil aviation Ministry.
Highlighting the urgent need for focus on Urban Planning, the Asian Age reports that according to a report based on the 2011 government census, about 68 million Indians are living in Slums. Citing the Annual Report of the Defence Ministry 2012-2013, The Pioneer says that India is Enhancing its military capabilities to counter the growing military prowess of China.
"Face Book, and Twitter to get timeout on content" reads the headline of a Hindustan Times story which reports that as part of the proposed amendments to the IT act, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter will now get a month's time to remove objectionable content from their websites.
And finally, in a move that breaks the Shackles of Tradition, hundreds of widows will play Holi, this year in Vrindavan  the Land of Lord Krishna as the four day Holi celebrations there, begin on March the 24th reports the Hindu.

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