Sunday, January 6, 2013

Three out of four Heads of States are now using Twitter

The number of Heads of States using the social media network, Twitter to engage with the citizens has gone up by 78 percent in 2012 as compared to 2011. Three out of four Heads of States are now using Twitter accounts. US President Barack Obama is the most watched world leader on Twitter, with 25 million followers. He is followed by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, with 3.5 million followers. Turkish President Gul Mohammad is placed third in this list. From the West Asia region, UAE President and the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Mkhtoum is placed ninth in the list of Heads of states followed by Twitter users. These findings have been revealed in the latest report by the US based think tank the Digital Policy Council, DPC.

According to the report, the most-followed woman on the list is the Jordan Queen Rania Al Abdullah ,who used her account as a political channel to represent the viewpoints of the King Abdullah II of Jordan in the past. It says that the Middle East region also saw a rise in the heads of state that joined Twitter. In 2012, five out of the top 15 heads of state using Twitter came from Middle Eastern countries. Arab Spring players such as Libya, Tunisia, and Iraq also had their heads of state adopted Twitter along with Qatar and Afghanistan.


A Delhi Court issuing 'Production Warrants' and 'Summoning' the five accused in the Delhi gang rape case, is covered extensively by the Press. "Pre-trial proceedings begin tomorrow"- headlines the Hindu. Hindustan Times reports that the 5 accused are 'stunned' by the speed at which events have moved, and fear an attack by the public - on their way to Court.
The Indian Express reports that the sixth accused - the juvenile among the six arrested - had left his home in a village in Uttar Pradesh eleven years ago and that his mother, one of the poorest residents with only a plastic sheet for a roof on her hut, had long given him up for dead.
Finding itself in a tight spot over allegations leveled by the gang rape victim's male friend - of a delayed and slow response by the police in the initial stages, there is "Pressure for Action on Top Officials", writes the Asian Age. "Cops Swing into Damage Control, Public still Angry" - headlines Hindustan Times.
Papers cover the story of high drama at the residence of former Army Chief Gen. V K Singh in Delhi Cantonment, where an army signals team had gone to reconfigure the telephone exchange and recall two soldiers manning it. "V K Singh's family alleges snooping by Army" - writes the Sunday Tribune.
Quoting official Pakistani sources, the Asian Age reports that Pakistan is all set to grant 'Most Favoured Nation' status to India and the announcement is likely to be made in the week starting Monday. Traders have been assured that some 'sensitive' items would not be allowed from India.
"Kohli tipped for Captain if injured Dhoni sits out", writes Hindustan Times. The papers adds, Today's India - Pak match could have front runner Virat Kohli handling the responsibility of Captain.
And finally, The Financial Express informs us that the Commonwealth Games expensive show piece - the Aerostat Balloon, (which is worth 57 crore rupees) will be sold to the Goa government for Rs 1. The Goa government plans to use it during the Lusofonia Games, to be held in November this year.

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