Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rahul Gandhi elevated


Rahul Gandhi elevated to the second position in Congress is the lead in almost every paper - 'Congress prince is crowned Vice-President' is the Hindu headline. 'Finally the big plunge' says the Times of India, adding 'Get set for 2014 showdown with Modi'. '42 year old promises to transform Congress' writes the Hindustan Times.
The Asian Age reports of Advani proposing Sushma Swaraj's name for BJP President in a 'last ditch effort to prevent Gadkari from continuing to head the Saffron party', as the paper puts it.
India's thumping victory against England by 7 wickets in the third ODI finds front page coverage in many dailies. The Hindu, Tribune and The Asian Age show Virat Kohli. Ravinder Jadeja and Yuvraj Singh jubilating 'Rampage in Ranchi' is how the Hindu puts it.
There is now a new aspect to the age old Kumbh mela. 'Kumbh mystique now draws Harvard dons' writes the Times of India on its front page, adding that the academics are intrigued by the mela's size and dynamics', and are researching on, what they call 'a pop up megacity' on the river banks.
The Asian Age and the Hindustan Times report on the US president who is to be sworn in twice for his second term. This has been necessitated as Jan 20th is the constitution mandated date but which happens to be a Sunday.
'Mercury to dip, but cold to be less severe', writes the Tribune, saying that temperatures will fall by a few notches in Northern India.
'Rising animal deaths due to roads crisscrossing sanctuaries worry Supreme Court' writes the Pioneer on its front page. As a result, night curfew at parks to save wildlife is now proposed.
James Bonds favorite car maker has taken Aston Martin to new heights, literally. The Mail Today has pictures showing a chopper carrying the car, for it to land on top of Burj Al Arab. All this for the car makers 100th anniversary.

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